Dietrine Carb Blocker Review

phase2 carb blockerRestricting dieting is the number one reason why individuals cannot lose weight. An exhausting low-fat and low-cal diet means that the dieter will constantly be craving food, due to insufficient lack of it.

That’s where carb blockers enter the picture. Specifically, Dietrine whose manufacturers contend that helps dieters lose weight by inhibiting the absorption of carbohydrates by the body.

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What exactly is Dietrine?

Dietrine consists of Phase 2® a natural carbohydrate neutralizer, commonly found in starchy food such as pasta, rice and bread. Although in not concentrated amounts, and thus ineffective dosage.

Phase 2® has a carb inhibiting function, once in your stomach it starts its carb blocking action. More precisely Phase 2 inhibits the alpha amylase enzyme from doing its job. That is, to break down carbs and convert them into useable energy.

Instead Phase 2 incapacitates this enzyme’s ability to make carbs digestible and absorbable. As a result, the calories otherwise burdening your body are just passed through natural bowel movement.

Phase 2 is a potent carb-blocker whose effectiveness has been repeatedly validated.

For instance, a study, has established a 66% lower digestion and absorption of carbs, as this was indicated by glucose metabolism levels. Another study with college-age participants also affirmed that Phase 2 is capable of “decreasing the absorption of glucose from complex carbohydrates”.

Dietrine’s claims are also corroborated by another study, in which participants receiving the white bean extract:

“lost nearly a half pound per week (3.8 lbs. over eight weeks), on average, or better than 200% more than those on placebo. Patients on the starch neutralizer also lost 1.5 inches around their waists, on average, or 43% more than those on placebo.”

In point of illustration, this study by J. Vinson, also verified the inhibiting action of Phase 2. The study concluded:

“The bean extract also increases the rate of clearance of glucose. Therefore it might also prove to be efficacious for decreasing meal-induced hyperglycaemia in diabetic subjects”.

At the same time, a review of Phase 2 clinical trials, also verified their validity and by extension, the effectiveness of Phase 2 as a carb blocker.

Finally, another placebo-control study revealed that the group consuming Phase 2 demonstrated:

“good efficacy in reduction of calories intake form complex carbohydrates for an easier, correct and balanced weight…. with reduction of adipose membrane thickness …. and a reduction of waistline, hips circumference and thigh circumference.”

In short, Dietrine proves to be a powerful carb blocker. By inhibiting the action of the alpha-amylase enzyme, the carbs consumed cannot be processed and thus. The calories are precluded from being stored as fat.  On the contrary, undigested carbs are treated as fibre, naturally passing through the body.

This is in fact the main advantage of Dietrine, it substantially decreases calorie intake by virtually rendering useless consumed carbohydrates.

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Should I be worried over side effects?

Dietrine takes pride in being an organic, 100% natural diet supplement. But more importantly, Dietrine makers, caution on counterfeit supplements widely circulating that contain some generic form of white bean extract or Phase 2. Unlike these, Dietrine has

“100% Genuine Phase 2® Brand Starch Neutralizer produced by Pharmachem Laboratories. Each serving (two caplets) provides 1,000 mg of Phase 2®.” Official Dietrine Announcement.

Detailed ingredient description is given below:

dietrine ingredients

As far as side effects are concerned, these are practically nonexistent as Dietrine is made of 100% genuine and natural ingredients. Unlike other diet supplements, Dietrine doesn’t contain any dubious stimulant (ephedra, Ma huang and so on).

Dietrine providing a catholic and extensive investigation of its ingredients has also been tested for toxicity. This study revealed that:

“Chronic administration of the Phase 2® did not produce any change in the renal function as indicated from serum urea, creatinine and electrolyte levels.  Chronic administration of Phase 2® did not produce any change in the haematological parameters such as total WBC, differential count and platelets.”

Concluding that Phase 2 is a safe and non-toxic substance.

For weight watchers, dieters and plain carb lovers, Dietrine seems to be a valid choice for naturally and safely reducing carb-originated calorie intake.

The aforementioned clinical trials and their subsequent positive findings, suggest that Dietrine is an effective starch neutralizer. Needless to say, one should expect to have palpable results if and only other lifestyle choices are contained within a reasonable framework.

Where to buy Dietrine?

If you believe Dietrine might be beneficial for your weight loss goals, you can place an order directly at Dietrine’s official website.

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